• PFS-PAXUS stands out as a specialized system for fund accounting and fund administration, preferred by administrators of both alternative and traditional funds worldwide.
  • PFS-PAXUS provides a vast range of administrative efficiencies in NAV valuation and calculation, shareholder registration and transfer agency and compliance reporting for funds.
  • PFS-PAXUS incorporates essential controls to manage operational risk and support compliance with global regulatory requirements.
  • What sets PFS-PAXUS apart is its revolutionary approach, integrating all processes, such as securities portfolio reconciliation and valuation, full multi-currency general ledger accounting automated consolidation of multi-strategy and multi-class assets, automated fee calculation, shareholder processing and registry services.
  • This integrated approach brings numerous benefits, including increased efficiency, reduced error risks, faster completion of the fund valuations, a simplified technical landscape, and support for complex investment structures, all while significantly cutting IT costs.
  • PFS-PAXUS also leverages the advantages of modern relational database design, providing reliability and scalability.

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