Fund Formation & Structuring

  • Assistance and advice on fund structure and setup
  • Review of fund documentation, agreements and procedures
  • Liaise with investors and assistance with anti-money laundering requirements
  • Coordination of fund establishment with lawyers, auditors and bankers
  • Coordination of licence application with regulatory authorities
  • Assistance with appointment of non-executive directors

Fund Accounting & Financial Reporting

  • Bookkeeping & maintenance of accounting records
  • Coordination with auditors on statutory audit
  • Prepare distribution schedule
  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual unaudited fund accounts
  • Automation of Performance and Management fees calculation
  • Cash Management
  • Preparation of annual financial statements including audit support

Investor Services

  • Conduct AML screening to verify investor compliance with money laundering regulations.
  • Create and distribute investor statements.
  • Maintenance of shareholder registers.
  • Handle subscriptions, redemptions, transfers, and switches.
  • Facilitate payments of redemption proceeds in alignment with the Offering Memorandum.
  • Conduct upfront and ongoing screening of investors and associated parties.
  • Conduct periodic risk reviews and AML checks on investors.
  • Respond promptly to investor requests.
  • AML and World Check screening.

Shadow NAV

  • The shadow Net Asset Value (NAV) is a calculation conducted to validate the NAV officially generated by the Administrator. This process may be undertaken by the fund manager or outsourced to a specialized service provider.
  • Certain investors mandate that a fund manager establishes a robust shadow NAV accounting procedure.
  • This requirement stems from the assurance that the NAV generated by the Fund administrator is accurate, minimizing the likelihood of NAV restatements.
  • Through proactive collaboration between the Administrator and the Shadow NAV Accounting provider in independent cross-checking, potential NAV errors are significantly reduced, leading to faster NAV delivery times.

Corporate Services

  • Keeping and maintaining statutory books and registers.
  • Documentation of board meetings.
  • Bank account opening assistance.
  • Changes of fund information.
  • Assisting to make annual payment to fund local authority.

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